About Me

My name is Josh. I'm a UX and UI designer with an eclectic background. I've always been a very curious person which lead me to studying Architecture, Urban Planning, Public Policy and Civic Technology.

Thinking of the world as intertwining systems is how I approach many of my designs and my work, challenging the status quo and refining our viewpoints.

I utilize whatever digital tool is necessary to get the job done and deliver a high quality product. These tools include Figma, Sketch, Adobe XD, Adobe CC Suite, Ableton Live and social media tools.

If my curiousness isn't being satisfied via studies and reading I enjoy playing sports, playing video games, listening to and singing music. More about this below!

I'm easily excited by new challenges and anyone is more than welcome to email me regarding design, business or personal ventures! I'll do my best to get back in touch with you and see how I can be a fit to move your projects forward in the right direction.

Design Work

I see design in everything we do as humans.

I touched on this a bit in the beginning but design has always been a part of my life. Whether it be Legos or Kinex when extremely young or stepping my design game up to Architecture. I consider most all aspects of human ingenuity an aspect of intelligent design. All the little things that we've consumed or watch throughout our lives contributes to making design choices. Sometimes it can take a while to synthesize and implement but they all come from somewhere unique to you!


Music is a very human thing to like, here's a bit about my preference!

I grew up listening to music of all genres. I believe that music is something beautiful created with such meaning and purpose that most all songs and genres should be listened to and given a chance. That lead me to listening to everything under the sun and attempting to find some of the best tunes in all types of genres. If you'd like to see or listen to some playlists I've made feel free to message me below about my Spotify collection.


Not everyone has played sports but I'm sure we all have an opinion!

I grew up playing sports like baseball, basketball and football. I think these were some of the space where I developed my team first attitude. Sport was not only fun but a great way of making friends and communicating about different parts of life. I would also consider e-sports part of the sport category as you still have to communicate and participate with many people to achieve a common goal.

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