Sogol CRM App
Project Description
Sogol CRM App is an exploration of how sales meets technology.
This project took about 3 months to accomplish what is seen here.
I lead the research and design on this app based of off intuitive need.
My Role
UI Design
UX Design

TLDR; Final Results

For those that have less time to go through the whole project!

This project went through 3 design iterations and 2 user testing rounds with 5-10 participants per study over the course of 2 month. During which time I lead the research studies while implementing design changes and choices. I mapped out a journey for the participants to follow based off of personas created in the 1st round of design. They followed the instructions and I was able to record this information. From start to finish I saw an increase of engagement within the app by 60%. Most of the participants within the study are involved in sales, utilizing competing CRM apps and I qualitatively analyzed their opinion of my project vs the experience they had within their apps.

For a more thorough explanation of the process, keep scrolling and check it out.

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Project Overview
Problem Statement

The Sogol CRM app aims to enhance users' sense of connection within their digital workspace. It provides a simplified, gamified, and unified experience to assist companies struggling with their CRM solutions.

Our goal is to deliver a solution that is both enjoyable and practical. We will measure effectiveness through qualitative feedback from our users. For far too long, CRM apps have been dominated by an excess of tools and a lack of usability. Most CRM apps resemble cluttered garages of hoarders. While each tool may serve a specific purpose, the question arises: is it necessary to have such an overwhelming array of tools at our disposal? This abundance can create cognitive clutter in an already busy world. 

Our objective has always been to simplify and gamify the experience within the sales field. Sales is an interactive and enjoyable profession, and our apps aim to reflect this dynamic nature of work.

Project Goals

We want to put the sales agents relationship with the client first.


Less mistakes and errors. More time to focus on your own financial goals.


A user interface that makes you want to return and show your clients.


A smooth workflow that helps yours conversation with clients instead of hurting.


Secure and consistent networking feature with optional cloud technology.

User Research Summary

As a new UX/UI designer, I was struggling to find spaces within the field that needed improvement. When examining my past and areas of expertise I found that customer relations was a field that needed a revamping!

I took my knowledge of sales and customer relations and mashed it with my love for human interaction and design to lovingly create this app. During the process we used multiple research tools to figure out the best configuration of our digital space and curate it towards young sales people on the go!

Customer Interviews

Market Research Analysis

User Studies

Customer Journey Mapping

User Personas

Affinity Diagrams

User Painpoints

Key Focus Areas

Largest focuses area was current sales employees in any field.

Second largest focus area was sales employees within the logistics field

Third area of focus was hiring managers of sales employees

Fourth area was to focus on people that has participated in customer relations in any facet

Fifth area was to focus on people attempting to market or enter the sales field

User Pain Points
Client call integration

Many users of CRM apps have a common complaint of not being able to easily manage clients and note taking within their app.

This can lead to the sales person sound less attentive than they should while the in fact are struggling to navigate their app in order to give their customer the best experience possible.

UI/UX of Data

This is probably a challenge for most smart phone users. Though our smart phones have higher resolutions the actual physical screen space does not increase in size and our hands have limitations.

Many of our data systems are still based off of being used on the desktop and can make things like dropdowns, calendars and data tables hard to utilize on smartphones.

Too many taps

In a high paced sales environment speed and efficiency are key. Needing to tap 6-8 times in order to access client data can becomes time consuming and cumbersome. These amount of taps can increase errors and make your workflow look unorganized.These are common complaints seen throughout the field as many sales people opt to collect data in one space and transfer it into their CRM app at a later time.

User Persona

Problem Statement
As a busy sales representative Shantelle Lewis would like to flexibly manager her clients on the go and decrease errors so that she can earn more and advance her life and career.

She is still paying her students loans back and often uses her phone for many different tasks throughout the day.
Shantelle Lewis
“I have big goals and dreams. If I work hard, I can achieve anything I want. ”
  • Age: 33
    Hometown: Omaha, Nebraska
    Family: Single
    Occupation: Sales Account Representative
  • • Achieve the highest sales totals possible
    • Stay organized and on top of her work
    • Save money for future plans
  • • Achieve the highest sales totals possible
    • Stay organized and on top of her work
    • Save money for future plans
Shantelle grew up in NYC and studied Entrepreneurship. She would like to start a family but frequently has to be in the office for her B2B sales job. Her job is high intensity and can require complex data entry. One day Shantelle would like to start a delivery company in an urban area. She is afraid of making mistakes.
User Journey Map

Starting the Design

Paper Wireframes

My favorite way to start a design is with some rough sketches. It allows you to feel like success is not the goal but just creation in general. When going through this quick iterative process there can be a lot of useful designs that come forward and be useful in future designs.

Paper wireframes are a quick and cheap way to get out different ideas regarding a design. With this project that was no exception as I took to pencil and paper first. Here I explore the different ways to we navigate from the login screen to the dashboard to the contact addition page.

Mobile Paper Wireframes

As part of best practices many begin their design process with mobile and touch screens in mind. I didn’t steer far from this path as I wanted to maximize interactivity within the food menu from the start. I created six paper wireframes and that considered some of the main screens that our users will interacts with frequently.
Usability Study

At this point in the design process it was time to ask potentials users to participate in a usability study. The wireframes and the digital wireframes were created with a loose idea of what a client may want using my own knowledge and market analysis.

Below are the four main questions asked during this usability study.


When first logging into the app what are some features that you noticed that made the experience feel secure?


Which element within the dashboard draws your eyes the most and why?


Was it easy to begin the process for adding a client into the apps database?


Were there moments that you felt you were going to make a critical error within the platform?


What feelings were you feeling when visualizing the overall layout of the website?

Sogol Affinity Diagram

After gathering the data from the usability study, I was able to gather the insights and categorize them into four specific groups that helps visualize where the most effort is needed to improve upon the design. I chose this method because I had ample feedback from the participants due to the simplicity of the prototype.
User Flow
CTA Recognition
High Fidelity Mockup

After creating the paper wireframes and digital wireframes, it was time to transition to the hi-fidelity mockups. These mockups are the ones that will be used for testing in the first usability study. I stayed true to the original form of the wireframes in order to stay consistent during the iterative process.

Based on the information taken from the usability study we can safely say that most clients want a few more tasks to complete within the app and for the CTA buttons to be more recognizable. They also appreciated the a bit of artistic touch and the ease of interaction.

Below are examples of a few changes made with the feedback received during the usability study.

Figma Clickable:
Hi-Fidelity Prototype

This is the latest version of the prototype. There are no more iterations to be completed regarding this design at the moment. There are some screens that may cause the prototype to crash every once and a while, please be patient and reload it when you have a chance. Any questions regarding the prototype you can direct my way in the about me page.

Accessibility Considerations


The biggest consideration in the accessibility within the app would have to be the use of icons and imagery. When needing to make quick and speedy choices the accessibility option leads to successful outcomes more-so than not.


Another accessibility option that I considered was the timing of the animated interactions. There are some standards that are available and I tried to follow the guidelines for these standards.


Last accessibility option that I considered was the color scheme within the application. The colors that have been used follow a11y accessibility standards.

The future of Sogol CRM


People are still looking for a CRM app that can satisfy their needs while meeting with clients on the go. This is the type of product build that needs a ton of feedback and upkeep in regards to how our clients are interfacing with there clients.

What I Learned

This is my first excursion with creating an app and I decided to challenge myself with the build. I’m aware that CRM apps are well thought out technology that have been established in the market. It’s good to know that people are still searching for their proper solution to meet their challenges.

Next Steps

I will keep iterating on the current design until it is ready for a launch. This is a project that given the time could prove to be fruitful. Many people I’ve spoken with seem interested in the concept.


I may begin moving the app to a more robust testing ground where more features and data can be utilized.