MLB® The Show™ is a video game that is solely dedicated towards all things baseball. The game is mostly based off of simulating a full major league baseball game, but there are other activities within The Show that allow for mini-games and others ways to enjoy baseball.

One such instance is within their mini-game called Diamond Dynasty. Within Diamond Dynasty they took the physical excitement of opening a pack of baseball cards to reveal players to actually simulating the game. So when you open the pack you can immediately play the video with those ‘cards’ and use them against other people around the world. This became a popular way of organizing online competitive sports games, and no one is really sure where it came from but many people find this style of play extremely fun.

The cards that I’ve created on this page are examples of how tools like Figma and even Webflow can make these cards and allow for some exciting ways of iterating.

The cards that you see here are specifically to commemorate the World Baseball Classic, which just took place in March of 2023 and is supposed to occur every three years.

World Baseball Classic

The reason I chose to examine these cards is because the World Baseball Classic is a relatively new and rare event in the world of sports. It allows for people all over the world to be able to participate and challenge each other in a sport they love.
The participants in the 2023 World Baseball Classic are 20 nations: Australia, Canada, China, Chinese Taipei, Colombia, Cuba, Czech Republic, Dominican Republic, Great Britain, Israel, Italy, Japan, Korea, Mexico, Netherlands, Nicaragua, Panama, Puerto Rico, USA, Venezuela.

I chose a small selection of cards to show case as I love the blending of ‘old school’ baseball cards with some of the new technology that we have and ways of absorbing information. These cards genuinely get people excited to participate in MLB the Show while also connecting them to player and the players performance on the field. In fact, when looking at YouTube, you can quickly see that many views for MLB the Show come from people vicariously watching other open packs of these cards and playing with them.

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